Neat Business offers the basic services a regular corporate bank account provides to your business, such as:

  • Dedicated payment instructions
  • Ability to send and receive money via bank transfers, domestic or international
  • Linking to third party services such as Stripe or PayPal
  • Add funds to the account by cash and cheques*

Some differences:

  • No trips to the branch, ever. A Neat Business account is purely operated online
  • Neat Business provides debit MasterCards to spend globally, both online & offline
  • Neat Business provides an integration with online accounting software (coming soon)
  • Neat Business has a maximum balance you can hold in your account at any point in time
  • Neat Business does not provide credit
  • Neat Business does not provide savings accounts
  • Neat Business does not provide investments

The Neat Business account can be used for any official purposes, such as yearly audit, visa application or linking to third party services.

*Account Payee Only cheques (i.e. not Bearer cheques)