Yes, you can receive money from e-commerce payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal or Amazon.

Please take into account the following instructions before setting up these kind of payments to your Neat DBS Account:

- If you are already a user of any of these platforms, when your account was setup, they asked for the company’s legal name as it appears on the business license. This name is then used as the Payee by their system when any payout is made. If your registered company name is different than the Payee name required by Neat (TFP-...), the payment will be rejected. To solve this, contact the platform’s Customer Support team and ask them to update your Account Company Name to match Neat’s requirement: TFP-Your Company Name.

- Make sure to differentiate Account Number with and without Branch Code. Since Stripe asks for Branch code (478) in a separate field, you shouldn't type it in the Account Number field, otherwise your payment will be rejected. Hence the account number should start with 7.